Mysteries of the Far Isles

Chapter 9.3

The PCs reach the City of the Dead and find the gates closed and guarded by the ghost ninja, as well as the ghosts of everyone they’ve ever killed. They must climb or breach the gates, the fight, sneak, or run through the city to reach the Shrine of Living Night.

The ghosts will not follow them inside the shrine.

The Shrine of Living Night

LDC has enacted a ritual that will tear Reita to pieces in 7 rounds if she is not stopped. If this happens, LDC attains godlike powers and binds the PCs as her eternal servants (game over, man). The PCs must defeat Lady Dark Crane (legendary pyromancer + master duelist) or remove Reita from the machine binding her (Devices 15) before time runs out.

4 energy barriers protect the way to LDC: green, red, blue, yellow.

A balcony rims the room, but it can only be reached by climbing or jumping it. In front of this are a series of monkey bars of vibrating with different musical hues. To cross them correctly, one must identify the song (Music TN 6) and use Acrobatics. Doing so disables the blue barrier.

Each round, one of her slain generals will respawn as a ghost:

Alzath — Hydromancer Adept Ghost > Water Statue
Gorata — Biomancer Elect Ghost > Earth Statue
Imee the Wretched — Master Duelist/Pyromancer Ghost > Fire Statue
Balagtas — Necromancer Supreme Ghost > Shadow Statue
Zodas the Drake — Shinobi Deathwalker Ghost > Air Statue

There are 8 rotating walls. Behind six of these are elemental statues. These elemental statues can disable a ghost from returning by hitting them with the opposite element, but only while the ghost is manifested.

Activating the Light Statue instead summons the ghost of Hagibis who delays the doomsday machine for 1 turn and destroys one wall.

Each round, one of the walls rotates open and the others rotate closed. They go in order from top left around clockwise, unless the order is disrupted.

There are switches and pressure plates that can change the status of the room.

A – Moves the red barrier halfway across the room or back when stepped on
B – Rotates the wall in front of switch G and opens the pit
C – Teleports the stepper onto the balcony and sprays acid over the lower room. This deals 15 damage and destroys all non-magical weapons and armor.
D – Reverses rotations of all walls
E – Rotates the lower left wall
F – moves the green barrier to the front of the room and causes lava to open on the floor
G – switches off the red barrier and turns on all other barriers if they are off
H – switches on/off the yellow barrier


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