Mysteries of the Far Isles

Chapter 9.1

They sail back to Liwanang and, followed by the strange mist. They requested a private meeting with Rizalyn and she granted it. They tell her about Lady Dark Crane’s plans. They want her to keep it a secret because they believe there is a mole. She agrees to give them three days.

They go to see Mytas, who is with his aunt Chesa. Vivencio lies and says Rizalyn wants to see Mytas, then when they are alone tries to convince him to trust them. He fails to earn his trust.

Tiger Lily is making preparations to go to Ganiyan when Viv and Takei return. They all go to see Tresha at the Hagibis estate. She is in a meeting and will see them shortly. When she does, Chesa and Mytas are there as well. By revealing the tattoo faker, they break Tresha’s story and have her arrested. Chesa admits to misjudging them.

They set sail in the morning for the Vermillion Jungle, going to Kamidun first. The mist continues to follow them. They find the ninja Viv dishonored is following them. They dissipate him twice, but he kills half the crew the first night. They outrun the ghost ship the next night. The following day they reach Kamidun at night fall, pursued by the ghost mist. After dissipating him again, they find a priest. He explains that if they cannot find and bury the body, the only way to send the ghost away is to propitiate it with prayer and sacrifice. Viv tries to do so by having himself beaten. The priest grants them his blessings.

They set off the next morning into the jungle. They wander around lost, as Viv slowly turns into a tree. Further on, they are attacked by penghou.

Once they find the temple they find the crew of the Emerald Rose eager to help. After challenging TL to a game, Bashir returns her kalis, as well as grant them supplies. They head out into the temple, avoiding roots trying to grab them and traps in the halls.

The encounter a fucanglong and offer him treasure for passage. Bypassing the the dragon one way or another, they find a rift into the Echo. It has been opened by LDC who has performed a profane sacrifice of three virgins. However, Reita is not among them.


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