Mysteries of the Far Isles

Chapter 8.3

They search Zodas’s guesthouse for clues to LDC’s location. They find a trap door under the bar area. They find a tunnel and a door. They find a trap and hear voices. TL picks the lock into the door and find a treasure vault:

  • golden monkey statue with two rubies
  • 5 jade worth of objects
  • ornate weapons — engraved spear, jade kalis (once belonged to House Begtang), longbow, kusarigama
  • jewelry and gemstones
  • 70 ST
  • book
  • 4 casks of liquor
  • suit armor, tempered — clearly Kagome work (light armor)

TL determines that the monkey statue is allowing someone to watch them through black magic. They take the book, jewelry, gems, and a few weapons (spear, kalis, longbow).

Takei scouts ahead and finds a room where the voices are coming from. They find a bunch of drunken idiots playing strip dice and decide to sneak by. Viv fails to do so, but convinces them he’s here to play dice. TL decides the tunnel goes all the way to Quyzinshir.

After examining the book, TL finds out it is in some kind of code. They leave what they can’t carry, knock out the pirates, and leave a note for them to take the remaining ST and run.

They stop to stay at a guesthouse, where is being served calamari. Tiger Lily receives a note that says Breaking Wave Winehouse, signed J. She decides to go alone and investigate.

Viv goes to find Selsy. She’s staying at a nearby guesthouse, studying to apprentice with some merchants. They go to see her.

TL orders a bottle of fruit wine. The owner asks her real name, then asks her “what does Esha call her new toy?” When she answers correctly (Kitty Cat), he gives her a key and directions. Julissa will meet with TL and tell her the Emerald Rose is wanted now after the jade job, so they dare not make port in the city. Julissa will agree to take TL to Bashir only if TL agrees to join the crew. TL agrees to join the crew once LDC has been dealt with.

Julissa gives TL the location of the Emerald Rose—Batang, and tells her they should approach by land. TL asks about LDC, but Julissa doesn’t know much.

Selsy joins the others for a drink and asks about avenging Hagibis. They say that’s why they’re here. She suggestions they talk to Mytas at the Dahita court.

Everybody meets back at their own guesthouse. The next day they buy horses and stock up, and TL returns the stolen kalis to Begtang Brakas. Then they set out for Batang and are attacked by a mantapus on the way, but Takei is badly injured. They make camp shortly thereafter.

At night a strange fog rolls in and Takei hears lamentations and moans. TL uses a rainstorm to drive the fog away. Takei shifts into the Echo to check and finds a ghost watching them. They move camp farther down shore. Checking then, Takei doesn’t see it, so they decided to head inland. The rest of the watches go by uneventfully.

After a few hours walk, they see the Emerald Rose anchored offshore. A boat draws near and asks them to surrender their weapons. They meet Esha, who makes fun of them. At the ship, Esha will admit to trying to meet with Hagibis. However, he never made the meet due to the battle. She wanted to inform him that Bashir learned where Lady Dark Crane was getting her information.

In exchange for the location of the smuggler’s cache, Bashir gives up some information. As far as anyone knows, Reita is in Ganiyan. However, Bashir searched the town and learned the girl is missing, possibly held by Lady Dark Crane.

He tells them someone else has enrolled in the academy in Reita’s name, and in her room.


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