Mysteries of the Far Isles

Chapter 9.3

The PCs reach the City of the Dead and find the gates closed and guarded by the ghost ninja, as well as the ghosts of everyone they’ve ever killed. They must climb or breach the gates, the fight, sneak, or run through the city to reach the Shrine of Living Night.

The ghosts will not follow them inside the shrine.

The Shrine of Living Night

LDC has enacted a ritual that will tear Reita to pieces in 7 rounds if she is not stopped. If this happens, LDC attains godlike powers and binds the PCs as her eternal servants (game over, man). The PCs must defeat Lady Dark Crane (legendary pyromancer + master duelist) or remove Reita from the machine binding her (Devices 15) before time runs out.

4 energy barriers protect the way to LDC: green, red, blue, yellow.

A balcony rims the room, but it can only be reached by climbing or jumping it. In front of this are a series of monkey bars of vibrating with different musical hues. To cross them correctly, one must identify the song (Music TN 6) and use Acrobatics. Doing so disables the blue barrier.

Each round, one of her slain generals will respawn as a ghost:

Alzath — Hydromancer Adept Ghost > Water Statue
Gorata — Biomancer Elect Ghost > Earth Statue
Imee the Wretched — Master Duelist/Pyromancer Ghost > Fire Statue
Balagtas — Necromancer Supreme Ghost > Shadow Statue
Zodas the Drake — Shinobi Deathwalker Ghost > Air Statue

There are 8 rotating walls. Behind six of these are elemental statues. These elemental statues can disable a ghost from returning by hitting them with the opposite element, but only while the ghost is manifested.

Activating the Light Statue instead summons the ghost of Hagibis who delays the doomsday machine for 1 turn and destroys one wall.

Each round, one of the walls rotates open and the others rotate closed. They go in order from top left around clockwise, unless the order is disrupted.

There are switches and pressure plates that can change the status of the room.

A – Moves the red barrier halfway across the room or back when stepped on
B – Rotates the wall in front of switch G and opens the pit
C – Teleports the stepper onto the balcony and sprays acid over the lower room. This deals 15 damage and destroys all non-magical weapons and armor.
D – Reverses rotations of all walls
E – Rotates the lower left wall
F – moves the green barrier to the front of the room and causes lava to open on the floor
G – switches off the red barrier and turns on all other barriers if they are off
H – switches on/off the yellow barrier

Chapter 9.2

The PCs enter the Echo intent on tracking down Lady Dark Crane. She has taken Reita as a hostage onward and a final sacrifice. Upon entering the Echo, the PCs are immediately beset by ghosts. These ghosts can be dispersed but not slain. They are led by the ghost of the ninja dishonored by Viv. He will haunt their every step, adding Mogui to every encounter.

Beyond these, the PCs face a small army of pit soldiers barring their way deeper into the Echo. These are really just a distraction for the ten oni LDC has coopted into baring the way. The oni will drop through the cavern roof when the PCs least expect it.

Chapter 9.1

They sail back to Liwanang and, followed by the strange mist. They requested a private meeting with Rizalyn and she granted it. They tell her about Lady Dark Crane’s plans. They want her to keep it a secret because they believe there is a mole. She agrees to give them three days.

They go to see Mytas, who is with his aunt Chesa. Vivencio lies and says Rizalyn wants to see Mytas, then when they are alone tries to convince him to trust them. He fails to earn his trust.

Tiger Lily is making preparations to go to Ganiyan when Viv and Takei return. They all go to see Tresha at the Hagibis estate. She is in a meeting and will see them shortly. When she does, Chesa and Mytas are there as well. By revealing the tattoo faker, they break Tresha’s story and have her arrested. Chesa admits to misjudging them.

They set sail in the morning for the Vermillion Jungle, going to Kamidun first. The mist continues to follow them. They find the ninja Viv dishonored is following them. They dissipate him twice, but he kills half the crew the first night. They outrun the ghost ship the next night. The following day they reach Kamidun at night fall, pursued by the ghost mist. After dissipating him again, they find a priest. He explains that if they cannot find and bury the body, the only way to send the ghost away is to propitiate it with prayer and sacrifice. Viv tries to do so by having himself beaten. The priest grants them his blessings.

They set off the next morning into the jungle. They wander around lost, as Viv slowly turns into a tree. Further on, they are attacked by penghou.

Once they find the temple they find the crew of the Emerald Rose eager to help. After challenging TL to a game, Bashir returns her kalis, as well as grant them supplies. They head out into the temple, avoiding roots trying to grab them and traps in the halls.

The encounter a fucanglong and offer him treasure for passage. Bypassing the the dragon one way or another, they find a rift into the Echo. It has been opened by LDC who has performed a profane sacrifice of three virgins. However, Reita is not among them.

Chapter 8.3

They search Zodas’s guesthouse for clues to LDC’s location. They find a trap door under the bar area. They find a tunnel and a door. They find a trap and hear voices. TL picks the lock into the door and find a treasure vault:

  • golden monkey statue with two rubies
  • 5 jade worth of objects
  • ornate weapons — engraved spear, jade kalis (once belonged to House Begtang), longbow, kusarigama
  • jewelry and gemstones
  • 70 ST
  • book
  • 4 casks of liquor
  • suit armor, tempered — clearly Kagome work (light armor)

TL determines that the monkey statue is allowing someone to watch them through black magic. They take the book, jewelry, gems, and a few weapons (spear, kalis, longbow).

Takei scouts ahead and finds a room where the voices are coming from. They find a bunch of drunken idiots playing strip dice and decide to sneak by. Viv fails to do so, but convinces them he’s here to play dice. TL decides the tunnel goes all the way to Quyzinshir.

After examining the book, TL finds out it is in some kind of code. They leave what they can’t carry, knock out the pirates, and leave a note for them to take the remaining ST and run.

They stop to stay at a guesthouse, where is being served calamari. Tiger Lily receives a note that says Breaking Wave Winehouse, signed J. She decides to go alone and investigate.

Viv goes to find Selsy. She’s staying at a nearby guesthouse, studying to apprentice with some merchants. They go to see her.

TL orders a bottle of fruit wine. The owner asks her real name, then asks her “what does Esha call her new toy?” When she answers correctly (Kitty Cat), he gives her a key and directions. Julissa will meet with TL and tell her the Emerald Rose is wanted now after the jade job, so they dare not make port in the city. Julissa will agree to take TL to Bashir only if TL agrees to join the crew. TL agrees to join the crew once LDC has been dealt with.

Julissa gives TL the location of the Emerald Rose—Batang, and tells her they should approach by land. TL asks about LDC, but Julissa doesn’t know much.

Selsy joins the others for a drink and asks about avenging Hagibis. They say that’s why they’re here. She suggestions they talk to Mytas at the Dahita court.

Everybody meets back at their own guesthouse. The next day they buy horses and stock up, and TL returns the stolen kalis to Begtang Brakas. Then they set out for Batang and are attacked by a mantapus on the way, but Takei is badly injured. They make camp shortly thereafter.

At night a strange fog rolls in and Takei hears lamentations and moans. TL uses a rainstorm to drive the fog away. Takei shifts into the Echo to check and finds a ghost watching them. They move camp farther down shore. Checking then, Takei doesn’t see it, so they decided to head inland. The rest of the watches go by uneventfully.

After a few hours walk, they see the Emerald Rose anchored offshore. A boat draws near and asks them to surrender their weapons. They meet Esha, who makes fun of them. At the ship, Esha will admit to trying to meet with Hagibis. However, he never made the meet due to the battle. She wanted to inform him that Bashir learned where Lady Dark Crane was getting her information.

In exchange for the location of the smuggler’s cache, Bashir gives up some information. As far as anyone knows, Reita is in Ganiyan. However, Bashir searched the town and learned the girl is missing, possibly held by Lady Dark Crane.

He tells them someone else has enrolled in the academy in Reita’s name, and in her room.

Chapter 8.2

Everyone reports back to Rizalyn and she has the steward grant you resources. Then you sail to Quyzinshir. Tiger Lily bribes the Jianghu to give up Zodas’s location — the Sea Drake Guesthouse on the road toward Jade Slope. The try to disguise themselves, but Zodas recognizes them. After a long fight, they kill him.

Chapter 8.1

The PCs are at sea, with Balagtas tied up in the hold. They plan to sail to Liwanang and turn him in to the house. They deliver him and Viv and Chesa plan to interrogate him. They interrogate him and learn Gorata the Slayer is menacing a nearby town. He also learns Dark Crane has something over Hagibis.

They head to the town of Bayan and find it sacked and a Convergence opened here. They go inside and find it overrun with yaoguai working with Gorata. They kill both the yaoguai and the Gorata.

Chapter 7.3

After the attack at the teahouse, Tiger Lily grants the owner some silver taels to pay for the damage. They try to reach the docks and are ambushed by more ninjas, but escape. They are intercepted again at their ship. They manage to fight off the attack and capture two ninjas.

They set sail for Vohel. After Viv fails to intimidate them, Tiger Lily charms them into revealing Zodas hired them. Then Viv kills the pirates and dishonors their remains.

They reach the city of Vohel. They learn Bashir captures the jade ship and stole all the jade. Viv asks around with the Jianhou and learns one can take jade anywhere. Tiger Lily finds out Bashir has not come here.

Everyone stays at the nicest guesthouse, gets a hot bath, and a massage.

Viv, Takei go to dockmaster to check on the Emerald Rose. He’s closed for the evening. Viv breaks in, hides from the guards, and steals the log book. They go to a winehouse and begin searching the book for the Emerald Rose. It was last here about a month ago, and about two months before that.

That night Tiger Lily hits the town, disguised as a pirate looking for pirate contacts. She finds a dive where pirates hang out—a winehouse. She goes to make friends with a few ruffians and joins a game of dice, makes friends with Red Fish. She tells them her name is Shakira. They converse and he provides her intel on Dark Crane, Zodas, and Balagtas.

They all return to the guesthouse that night. They set out to try to find Balagtas. He attacks them and they knock him out.

Chapter 7.2

Following the closing of the Convergence, the PCs can rescue Selsy from the oni.

On the way back, they are ambushed by anurans who believe them the people responsible for the Convergence. Viv tries to Intimidate them, but fails and they fight and kill the anurans.

They return to Liwanag. Once back, Rizalyn will restore them to the House, as well provide them each 15 ST as a stipend. She invites them to stay and eat. Chesa corners Viv and tells him she hasn’t forgotten what they’ve done and she’ll be watching them. They banter politely.

Dan socializes and warms up to the family, then returns to the guesthouse to greet the others and Selsy. He questions her about Hagibis, but doesn’t get through.

They travel to Quyzinshir, and on route Tiger Lily convinces Selsy to trust her. She tells them all she knows is that he had a meeting with a pirate girl named Esha right before the battle.

They ask around for Esha, but she hasn’t been seen in Quyzinshir in a few weeks. They learn from the dockmaster Bashir’s ship left one week ago. In a seaside tavern, they learn Bashir was probably chasing a jade ship to Vohel.

They are attacked by ninjas from the Clan of the Blinded Flame, but fight off the ambush.

Chapter 7.1
The Echo

They pass into the Convergence and find the same temple, but now it’s run by Pit Soldiers intent on grinding the PCs to dust.

If they can defeat the pit soldiers, they can attempt to track Imee (Survival TN 8). Failure they get lost and drain 1 QP and must try again.

On success, they face a jungle ambush from an ergol.

Beyond all this they find Imee offering up a captive girl (Selsy) to a pair of oni as a blood offering in exchange for a pact. If the PCs interrupt, they are immediately attacked by the oni and by Imee (Master Duelist).

They saved her.

Episode 6.3
Meeting the Prince

The group sails back to Liwanang and meets with Dahita Rizalyn. Chesa shows them obvious disdain. She offers them the chance to rejoin the House if they solve an Echo Convergence out in the Phoenix Jungle. The party talks it and over decides to try.

Vivencio investigates Hagibis, but no one cooperates. Tiger Lily investigates the Convergence and learns it is probably located deep in the jungle, near the mountains.

Vivencio investigates Imee the Wretched—she is a self-declared sadist. She has dubious appetites, runs a pirate ship, and is a master warrior.

Everyone sets out … into the jungle towards the mountains.

Vivencio navigates — success
TL forages — success
Takei scouts — they are attacked by a tiger, but defeat it.

First, everyone must resist heat.

Waterfall Bridge Encounter
They come to a river spanned by a small rickety bridge, perhaps 15m across. They need to balance across the bridge (Acrobatics 3) or fall in the water. While doing so they will be attacked by a pair of frogbears. Tiger Lily defeats one but is almost killed by the other before Takei drives it off.

Deep Jungle Encounter
As they press on, evening comes upon them and they must make camp. During the night, while they prepare camp, they may feel like they are being watched. On watch, they might detect strange noises. They are being stalked by an aswang, and it will try to lure one of the party members away and attack. Failing that, it will try to sneak up and attack one of the sleeping party members, sucking their blood. If spotted, it can hide behind a bamboo pole.

Temple Encounter
The temple is awash in blood and Imee has clearly sacrificed four people in some kind of gu ritual. This has also swallowed the temple in a Convergence. The mogui can only be seen if they can see into the Echo. They can also reach it by passing through the Convergence.

  • Gui x27
  • Mogui x2

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