Campaign Premise

The PCs were members of House Dahita. Following the rise of the House to a Princely Dynasty, Dahita Hagibis, cousin to Prince Rizalyn Dahita, commanded a mission whereupon the PCs were meant to hunt down and destroy the pirate cabals plaguing Vaiya. After investigation, the PCs tracked the source of these cabals to a single leader called Lady Dark Crane. They led an assault on her forces, but vastly underestimated them. All Dahita ships were lost on the PCs were the only survivors of the battle.

Dahita Chesa, blamed the PCs for her brother, Hagibis’s, death. As such, she banished them in dishonor. The PCs have sworn to reclaim their lost honor by hunting down Lady Dark Crane and all her supporters, and putting them all to the sword.

Mysteries of the Far Isles

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